A Sunwater Institute Scholar Presents at the Northeastern Political Science Association

Washington, D.C. — November 11, 2021— Sunwater Institute’s Scholar, Joseph Kochanek, gave a presentation today at the 53rd annual Northeastern Political Science Association conference, which met virtually this year.   

The presentation focused on a working paper titled “John Stuart Mill in the Digital Era: The Harm Principle in the Twenty-First Century” highlighting the increased opportunity and scope of potential harms in an era of continuing technological advance. Kochanek focused on potential challenges to norms about privacy, including the sale or misuse of personal information and genetic material. This presentation was given as part of a panel titled Other-regarding in Critical and Quotidian Politics with four other academics.  

Joseph Kochanek leads the Rights and Liberties program at the Sunwater Institute and hosts a weekly podcast on the Federalist Papers.  

The Sunwater Institute is a nonpartisan think tank with a mission to strengthen the foundations of democracy through interdisciplinary science, technology, and open dialogue. 

To learn more about Joseph Kochanek and the work at the Sunwater Institute, please visit us on our website at sunwater.org.