Lobbying and Advocacy​

Winning Strategies, Resources, Recommendations, Ethics and Ongoing Compliance for Lobbyists and Washington Advocates

By Deanna Gelak

Book Summary

Lobbying and Advocacy is the comprehensive guide for lobbyists and Washington advocates including:

  • Top strategies for winning as an effective lobbyist or Washington advocate.
  • Practical resources and methods for maintaining compliance and staying abreast of ethical and legal requirements.
  • Practical tips, research-based methods, and step-by-step guides for communicating with policymakers in every venue most effectively, including telephone calls, emails, congressional meetings, testifying before Congress, building coalitions, and working with the press.
  • Extensive list of Lobbying and Advocacy Resources on the web

About the Author

Deanna Gelak has worked in the legislative branch, executive branch, and private/nonprofit sector arenas since 1984. She is Founder and President of Working for the Future, LLC, a public policy firm that advises organizational spokespersons and citizen leaders on effective political involvement and communication strategies. Ms. Gelak served two terms as the President of the American League of Lobbyists, the national professional association for lobbyists. In that capacity, she served as chair of the board and the national spokesperson for the advocacy profession. She has promoted the importance of effective and ethical lobbying in such venues as C-SPAN's Washington Journal, National Public Radio's Talk of the Nation, and the National Press Club. Her press interviews have also included: NBC Nightly News, MSNBC, Associated Press, Scarborough Country, Fox News, several National Public Radio shows, The Tavis Smiley Show, America's Voice, Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Wall Street Journal Talk, The Mary Matalin Show, National Press Club, Monitor Radio, Bloomberg, Family News in Focus, National Journal, United Press International, Washington Post, Washington Times, Roll Call, USA Today, Investors Business Daily, CBS Marketwatch.com, Chicago Tribune, San Francisco Chronicle, Knight Ridder/Tribune, Strategic Finance, Christian Science Monitor, Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Baltimore Sun, Austin Statesman, Orlando Sentinel, Miami Herald, Business Insurance, Business Week, Parenting, Parents, Glamour, and Working Woman. Originally from Niceville, Florida, Ms. Gelak is a graduate of the University of Florida.

Customer Testimonials

"There are lots of books on lobbying, but, until now, none has provided a comprehensive treatment of what lobbyists do and how they can best do it. Deanna Gelak's Lobbying and Advocacy exhaustively covers the basics of lobbying history, legal framework, congressional processes, and ethics. But the strength of this volume is in its practical advice, checklists, and collection of best practices covering direct advocacy, media relations, grassroots organizing, and coalition building. It is a unique volume and should be on the bookshelf of both beginning lobbyists and senior government relations executives. College and law school professors also now, for the first time, have a single textbook for lobbying courses." -- Thomas M. Susman, Director, Governmental Affairs Office, American Bar Association "Lobbying and Advocacy by Deanna Gelak is a great resource for anyone who works in Washington or who wants to know how public policy advocacy really works. Deanna has seen the 'sausage being made' while both working in the Government and lobbying, and her book combines the history and the how-to's of lobbying in one place. This is required reading for students and experienced lobbyists." -- Andy Mekelburg, Vice President, Federal Government Relations, Verizon