Reforming Congress – Charles Johnson, Former Parliamentarian of the U.S. House of Representatives

May 3, 2022  

  • Video
  • 0:09 Intro
  • 0:16 Background
  • 8:50 The role of the parliamentarian, and how the role has changed while serving as parliamentarian
  • 27:21 How is it justified that the Rules Committee plays a substantive role and not a procedural role?
  • 9:04 “Procedures should not delay the majority’s will?”
  • 35:04 Would there be a difference in the Rules Committee if it had a 5-4 split by party rather than a 9-4 split as it is today?
  • 38:52 Do the activities of the Rules Committee indicate an overall reduction of transparency?
  • 41:47 On Charles Johnson’s book, “Parliament and Congress”
  • 46:26 Why compare the US Congress to the UK Parliament?
  • 49:53 Why doesn’t Congress have a process to analyze and test rules and procedures that could improve its efficiency?
  • 52:23 On the procedural aspects of the Hyde Amendment involving abortion appropriations
  • 58:06 On amendments generally
  • 1:01:10 What procedures can be implemented to make stronger bills?
  • 1:05:44 How can you tell which floor actions are serious/substantive and which ones are political posturing/messaging bills?
    [Lightning Round]
  • 1:15:21 What should congressional representation mean?
  • 1:20:48 How would your ideal Congress allocate its time?
  • 1:27:24 How should debate, deliberation, or dialogue occur or be structured in Congress?
  • 1:30:59 What fundamental institutional improvement should Congress make in the next 50 years?
  • 1:37:22 What are your upcoming plans?