Cultivating bipartisanship in polarized times

May 24, 2023   J.D. Rackey

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Americans, regardless of political affiliation, believe that polarization is one of the biggest problems facing the country today. But for many, bipartisanship and compromise are dirty words that mean giving in to those who don’t agree with you. What if there’s another way? Earlier this week, Dr. J.D. Rackey, director of legislative studies at the Sunwater Institute, spoke with Pulitzer prize-winning host of Detroit Today, Stephen Henderson, about how to encourage collaborative and bipartisan lawmaking.

Dr. Rackey explained that with a politically polarized environment and a closely divided Congress, bipartisan legislating is not only possible, it’s necessary to get anything done. In fact, research shows that lawmakers who work in a bipartisan manner are more effective, and bipartisan legislation tends to be more durable.

Taking lessons drawn from academic research combined with his experience as a professional staff member of the U.S. House of Representatives Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress, Dr. Rackey discusses a set of strategies lawmakers can take to effectively govern in an era of intense political polarization.

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