Dr. Daniel Stid – Congressional oversight and how to strengthen democracy

August 25, 2023  

  • Congressional Reform
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Chapters: 0:15
Background 2:38 – What brought you to Congress?
7:48 – Can you talk about “Two Pathways to Reform”
18:10 – Why is this parliamentary model attractive to academics?
22:00 – Parliamentary model and parties
24:30 – What did you do at Hewlett?
30:20 – What are things that didn’t go as planned?
38:11 – Do you think that we can get to that level of scale of institutional change?
40:21 – What will happen to the community of that civil society?
43:38 – What are you doing at Lyceum Labs?
48:06 – What is it that you’re thinking about when it comes to parties?
51:33 – Are there proposals to increase the size of the House?
54:01 – What are attributes of good leaders that need to be more manifest in these domains?
58:10 – What should congressional representation mean?
1:02:55 – Who represents future generations?
1:08:35 – How should Congress allocate its time?
1:12:57 – How should debate deliberation or dialogue occur or be structured in Congress?
1:15:08 – Do you have a perspective on this committee system?
1:16:50 – What fundamental institutional improvement should Congress make within 50 years?
1:20:23 – What book or article most shaped your thinking with regard to congressional reform?
1:23:23 – What do you have coming up?