Dr. Laura Blessing – The Budget Process, Tax Policies and the Politics Around Revenue – Reforming Congress Video Series

December 4, 2023  

  • Congressional Reform
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Dr. Laura Blessing discusses the history of budgeting and taxes in the United States and how it still affects us today.

About Dr. Blessing:

Dr. Blessing earned her PhD from the University of Virginia, she was also a Miller Center National Fellow and a Fellow for the Bankard Fund for Political Economy. Her studies focus on Congress, political parties and policy regarding tax and budget. Dr. Blessing currently teaches at Georgetown University, her teachings centralize around Congress, the presidency, media and politics as well as the public policy process. She is also a Government Affairs Institute Fellow, she teaches two research seminars on the Politics of tax and budget policy and the second research seminar explores Committees and Parties in Congress.


0:08 – Background
3:19 – Themes for research, PhD and afterwards
5:20 – Tax and Budget
6:24 – How has the budget and tax-and-spend process changed overtime?
16:51 – Talk a little about the top-down process of the budget
22:20 – Alternatives to top-down budget process?
26:37 – Transparency related to budget process
27:59 – Proposed budget process reforms you support or don’t support
33:58 – Tax Policy: Did it evolve similarly to the budget process or independently?
38:41 – Taxes: Individuals vs. Corporations and Income vs. Assets
41:49 – Borrowing and Low Interest Rates
45:24 – Earmarks
51:05 – What do you think congressional representation should mean?
56:00 – Congressional Time – How would you allocate it?
59:02 – Debate, Deliberation, and Dialogue in Congress
1:01:59 – What fundamental improvement do you think Congress should make within a 50-year time frame? Fix the budget process
1:04:00 – Good books on congressional reform