Federalist 77: “This Union of the Senate with the President” | Hamilton on the Powers of the Executive and Stability in the Administration of Government

January 29, 2024  

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Welcome back to the Rights & Liberties podcast, where we are discussing the Federalist Papers. Today we will talk about Federalist 77. These podcasts are organized around three big ideas concerning the essay under review: here are three big ideas concerning Federalist 77.

Big idea one: In Federalist 77 Hamilton continued with a concept that is found elsewhere, including Federalist 76, an appreciation of stability as a characteristic of administration

Big idea two: Hamilton in Federalist 77, continuing an idea discussed in Federalist 76, analyzed and dismissed the idea that the President would hold significant sway over the Senate in appointments.

Big idea three: In Federalist 77, Hamilton offered a summary of his views of the role of the executive branch by describing how the plan under the Constitution contributed to energy and safety in republican government.