Federalist 79: “The Imaginary Danger of a Superannuated Bench” | Hamilton on the Tenure of Judges in Office

March 8, 2024   Joseph Kochanek

  • Rights and Liberties
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We typically organize these podcasts around three big ideas – here are three big ideas concerning Federalist 79.

Big idea one: In Federalist 79, Hamilton argued in favor of the importance of judges in the federal court system not having their salaries reduced. 

Big idea two: In arguing in favor of judges not having their salaries reduced, Hamilton referred to the effects of inflation over the long term on salaries. 

Big idea three: In Federalist 79, Hamilton offered a brief description of impeachment of judges, focused on the idea that the grounds for impeachment should be violations of good behavior, rather than claims about the ability of a judge to do the job.