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Matthew Chervenak

Founder and President

(240) 715-9507

Matthew Chervenak is an entrepreneur committed to strengthening our social systems and advancing science.

He is the founder and President of the Sunwater Institute, a nonprofit, nonpartisan think tank focused on improving democratic institutions and advancing individual rights. He is the founder and CEO of AllSci, a company reframing how scientific knowledge is created, shared, and explored. He is a co-founder and General Partner of Sunwater Capital, an investment firm with holdings in real estate and healthcare.

Previously Mr. Chervenak founded GBI, a Shanghai-based data firm serving the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries (acquired in 2023) and he was the Chairman of the Healthcare Committee at the US Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai. Prior to starting GBI, he worked as a strategy consultant in the technology industry in New York, and conducted neuroscience and molecular biology research in New York and Bethesda, Maryland. His first entrepreneurial venture was a neighborhood newspaper The Alley Post, in the 4th grade (closed due to academic time demands).

Mr. Chervenak hosts a YouTube interview series exploring how the US Congress operates and can improve as an institution. He is currently working on The Good Congress, a book that imagines an ideal Congress and a roadmap to get there.

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