Reforming Congress – Louis Fisher, Distinguished Scholar in Residence at the Constitution Project

June 7, 2022  

  • Video
  • 00:15 Background
  • 03:13 How has CRS evolved over the years?
  • 04:48 What were the broad areas of interest that drew you in to study the research side of politics?
  • 06:00 Sharing information between the three branches
  • 10:28 Public vs Private Matters relating to the Executive branch
  • 14:41 Congress should have oversight of whatever regulation the Executive branch passes
  • 16:32 The agencies should lead but they shouldn’t think they’re independent of Congress
  • 18:31 Bottom-up budgeting vs Top-down budgeting, what are your thoughts on the way the government handles the budget now?
  • 21:58 The structure makes sense, but members of Congress don’t have enough time
  • 22:48 Can you talk about the issues you see with war powers and how that has evolved over time?
  • 26:32 Do you think that’s the fundamental problem? Congress not valuing itself and it’s responsibility?
  • 28:49 Can you talk about the evolution of CRS while you were there and where it is now?
  • 34:27 Do you think it would be better if the CRS could take sides?
  • 36:59 When neutrality was introduced, careerists at CRS left
  • – Common Questions-
  • 37:55 What do you think Congressional representation should mean and what does it mean to you?
  • 39:59 What would an ideal allocation of member time?
  • 42:14 Where do you think debate, deliberation and dialogue should happen in Congress?
  • 45:24 What fundamental improvement do you think Congress should make within the next 50 years?
  • 50:28 What are your plans?