Reforming Congress – Michele Swers, Professor, Georgetown University

July 5, 2022  

  • Video
  • 00:22 Background
  • 4:50 What brought you into politics?
  • 6:21 Is Policy different when there are women, vs when there are not?
  • 11:05 What about women in the Senate?
  • 21:20 Personal interests, agendas and policy issues
  • 25:56 Did you see any unrelated policy differences between men and women?
  • 27:55 What about the non-policy related behavior in Congress?
  • 30:22 In previous studies, when women are in the minority, they have a better chance of passing legislation, what are your thoughts on that?
  • 33:20 What about leadership positions? Are there any differences in leadership style between men and women?
  • 36:34 Women are less likely to run for Congress than Men.
  • 41:07 On the Democratic side, women are more likely to support women?
    [Lightning Round]
  • 43:19 What do you think Congressional Representation should mean?
  • 47:53 How would your ideal Congress allocate its time?
  • 51:20 How should debate, deliberation or dialogue occur or be structured in Congress?
  • 53:00 What fundamental, institutional improvement should Congress make within 50 years?
  • 55:40 What book or article most shaped your thinking with respect to Congressional Reform?
  • 57:21 What are your future plans?