Reforming Congress – Representative Tom Graves, Ervin Graves

October 19, 2021  

  • Video
  • 0:16– Background
  • 7:12– How did you choose what bills to create? What were your influences behind creating them?
  • 10:50– Did the ideas from specific legislation come from certain sources than others?
  • 16:12– What are the factors that play into a members mind when co-sponsoring or voting on a bill?
  • 18:34– Does co-sponsoring a bill mean you will vote to pass it?
  • 20:00– What does a member do when multiple bills are proposed that are tackling the same issues?
  • 22:47– Rules in committees
  • 29:19– How do the rules effect what bills are reported or brought to the floor?
  • 33:33– Chairman power in committees
  • 35:48– What rules or procedures could be changed on the House floor?
  • 38:38– Budget and appropriations process
  • 42:55– What processes could we do to make a balanced budget?
  • 44:30– How would your ideal Congress allocate its time?
  • 49:55– What highlights or learnings did you gain from the House Select Committee on the Modernization of Congress?
  • 53:20– What do you think congressional representation should mean?
  • 1:01:02– How should debate, deliberation, or dialogue occur or be structured in Congress?
  • 1:06:45– What fundamental institutional improvement should Congress make within the next 50 years?
  • 1:08:59– Long term plans