Kevin Kosar, American Enterprise Institute

January 14, 2021   Matthew Chervenak

  • Congressional Reform
  • Video

Kevin Kosar of AEI is the first guest of the Reforming Congress Interview Series. This interview series is hosted by Matthew Chervenak, Founder and President of Sunwater Institute. In this episode, Kosar discusses the various aspects of Congress that he has seen through his research.

Kosar is a resident scholar at the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), where he studies the US Congress, congressional oversight, the administrative state, American politics, and the US Postal Service.

Before joining AEI, Dr. Kosar was at the R Street Institute, where he served as vice president of policy, vice president of research partnerships, and senior fellow and director of the Governance Project. He also cofounded and still codirects the Legislative Branch Capacity Working Group ( The project is dedicated to assessing Congress’ capacity to perform its constitutional duties and collaborating on ideas to strengthen the legislative branch.

Earlier, Dr. Kosar spent more than a decade working for the Congressional Research Service, where he focused on a wide range of public administration issues. He has taught public policy at New York University and lectured on public administration at Metropolitan College of New York.

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