James Wallner, R Street Institute

September 28, 2021  

  • Congressional Reform
  • Video

James Wallner joins the Reforming Congress Interview Series to discuss his time in the Senate, the rules & processes in the Senate, and the impact a feedback loop could have on the institution. Check out more of Sunwater Institute’s Congressional Reform Conversations.

James Wallner is a senior fellow at the R Street Institute, where he writes about the theory and practice of democratic politics. His research focuses on the separation of powers, Congress, political parties, and the federal policy process. He also serves as a Lecturer in the Department of Political Science at Clemson University.

Before joining R Street, James was the Group Vice President for Research at the Heritage Foundation. He spent over a decade on Capitol Hill earlier in his career working in senior positions in both the House of Representatives and Senate. He was the Executive Director of the Senate Steering Committee during the chairmanships of Pat Toomey and Mike Lee. In that capacity, he served as the principal parliamentary advisor to the chairman and Steering’s 16-member Executive Committee. Before this, he served as Legislative Director to Jeff Sessions and Pat Toomey. He began his career on Capitol Hill as a Legislative Assistant in the House of Representatives.

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