Professor Michael Minta, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

September 21, 2021  

  • Congressional Reform
  • Video

In this episode of the Reforming Congress Interview Series, Michael Minta joins us to discuss minority groups and their behavior in Congress, how redistricting would affect Congress, and his experience with sunset provisions. Be sure to watch more of the Reforming Congress Interviews like this one with Michael Minta.

Michael D. Minta is an associate professor in Political Science at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities. He received a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. He is one of the country’s leading experts in the study of the political representation of African American, Latino, and women interests in the United States. His book, Oversight: Representing Black and Latino Interests in Congress is a valuable guide that scholars, political leaders, and the legal community consult when assessing whether diversity in legislatures improves responsiveness to minority interests. Dr. Minta regularly teaches popular courses in U.S. government pertaining to African American politics, congressional politics, and interest group advocacy.

Listen to the podcast version of the interview with Professor Michael Minta.