Sunwater Institute Internship Program: Summer 2024

April 29, 2024  

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Summer 2024 

Are you a college student looking for a way to transition into the work world?  Are you interested in playing a role in strengthening U.S. democracy?  An internship at the Sunwater Institute, a leading nonprofit nonpartisan think tank in the Washington D.C. area, may be a place to get started. For those who aren’t familiar, a think tank is like a public policy center, we conduct research and make policy recommendations, but Sunwater Institute is unique in that we also have a data platform, Legis1, and sell books and training all in pursuit of our mission to improve representative democracy. 

In fact, Washington D.C. ranks in the top 10 cities in America in terms of access to the most competitive and sought-after internships in the country.  The region’s industry strengths in government, public policy, and data/tech make it an attractive location for young people to discover and pursue their early career goals and make valuable connections. [Source According to survey] 

Types of Internships 

For students interested in exploring democracy, the Sunwater Institute is an ideal place to start this journey.  Over the last 4 years, Sunwater Institute has hosted nearly 100 interns in scholarly and programmatic internships such as economics, Congressional reform, and political science.  In addition, several professional fields offer internships such as data and analysis, product development, marketing and communications, and fundraising.  Many interns have leveraged their experience at Sunwater Institute into future meaningful career choices in the private and public sectors. 

A team of internship supervisors have created dynamic program elements that include learning, discussion, and familiarization with resources.  Most Sunwater Institute internships include the creation of work products that both benefit the organization’s mission and become recognizable data points on a resume. Valuable congressional research conducted by former interns has produced content published on our website.  Sunwater Institute provides a modern office and flexible workspace, and accommodates in-person, hybrid and remote opportunities. 

 The summer 2024 internship program is looking for well-qualified candidates now.  Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis through May 20, 2024.