Week in Review – Vol. 1 No. 9

October 15, 2021  

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Congressional Reform

Congressional Reform

Be sure to watch to Parts One and Two of the Congressional Reform Conversation featuring Kyle Nevins. He is Founding Partner of Harbinger Strategies and served as a top aide for House Republican Leadership and worked on the hill for over 10 years.

Rights & Liberties

Sunwater scholar, Joseph Kochanek, hosts a series on the Federalist Papers to discuss what our founders thought at the time they were written, and relates these concepts to the present day. In Federalist 9, Hamilton defended the notion that large territories such as the USA were fit for republican government by appealing to Montesquieu, an author often cited by those arguing that only small territories could be governed as republics. Here you can find Federalist 9.

Property, Markets, Trade

Property, Markets, Trade

Sunwater Institute’s scholar, Robert Gmeiner, has co-authored an article published in the International Review of Law and Economics: Encouraging domestic innovation by protecting foreign intellectual property. They develop a model that shows that countries will have higher levels of innovation when respecting both domestic and foreign intellectual property.

Group Decision Making

Sunwater Institute’s scholar, Ani Harutyunyan, has co-authored an article on social learners impact on group decision making published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America: Dynamical system model predicts when social learners impair collective performance.

Sunwater’s Good Read

The Imprint of Congress by David Mayhew

Get Involved

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