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Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in applying for a position at the Sunwater Institute, please email a resume and cover letter to 

Internship Programs

The Sunwater Institute has three internship programs: the Congressional Reform Program, the Rights and Liberties Program, and the Fundraising and Communications Program. 

The Sunwater Institute has launched three internship geared to those majoring in politics, history, economics, marketing, communications, public relations, or closely related fields. These internships are unpaid, and applicants should expect to spend 15-20 hours per week on their internships.

The Sunwater Institute is currently accepting applications for the Spring Semester. The spring internship programs will run from January 17, 2022 – April 29, 2022. 

Applications for the Spring Semester are due by January 1, 2022.
Applications for the Summer Semester are due by May 10, 2022.
Applications for the Fall Semester are due by August 5, 2022.

Congressional Reform Program

The Sunwater Institute is seeking interns to contribute to its program on congressional reform. This program will be an excellent introduction to our “first branch of government”: how it is organized, how legislation is crafted and advanced, and how oversight is conducted over the Executive Branch. 

Potential responsibilities may include digitizing information from public records and engaging in research and writing on topics such as: major legislation, rules of the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, and committee activities. 

Rights and Liberties Program

The Institute is seeking interns to contribute to its program on rights and liberties. Obviously, this is a moment in which there is a great deal of debate about human rights, constitutional rights, and related ideas about rights and liberties, making this an exciting time to be engaged in such research. This internship offers a chance to learn more about rights and liberties, to engage in original research, and to potentially publish that research.

For any given right studied throughout the internship, interns may seek to understand more granular questions such as: Differing approaches to the right in different cultures or political regimes, the ideas or events that led to the right being considered a right, conceptions of the role of the right in the wider state and society, conceptions of potential limitations of the right, policy recommendations concerning the right.

Fundraising and Communications Program

The Institute is seeking interns for its fundraising and communications program. This program will be an excellent introduction to researching federal and foundation grants, understanding how to recruit  donors through direct mail, online and social media, writing creative copy for press releases and social media campaigns, and helping with events as needed.