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Employment and Internship Opportunities at the Sunwater Institute

Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in applying for a position at the Sunwater Institute, please check our Lever page.

Internship Program

The Sunwater Institute’s internship program provides students a choice among five focus areas and is geared to those majoring in politics, history, economics, marketing or closely related fields. Internships offer flexible hours ranging from 20-32 hours per week. This is an unpaid internship. The program is open to current and recent undergraduate students.

The spring internship program will run from June 3, 2024 to August 2, 2024.

Applications for the Summer Semester closed May 20, 2024. Keep an eye out for the fall internship.

Congressional Reform

Interns will gain a deep understanding of the inner workings of Congress, delving into the procedures and decision-making processes that shape our nation’s laws. Interns will also have an opportunity to conduct research with tools and datasets that will help to improve Congress’s institutional knowledge and performance. This internship offers a unique opportunity to work with data that powers Legis1, our congressional and lobbying data platform.

Product Research

Sunwater has developed Legis1, a congressional data platform that provides tools and resources to improve the performance and productivity of the U.S. Congress. The Legis1 team seeks to support broader audiences in the congressional ecosystem including legislative staff across Congress and the Executive branch, private sector public policy teams at advocacy organizations, researchers at think tanks, and legislative-focused media organizations. Product interns will be tasked with conducting research for the core market for each audience, performing competitive analysis, and identifying gaps in the market that Legis1 is well-positioned to fill.

Rights and Liberties

Interns will engage in research to explore a range of topics, including the origins of different rights and liberties, the cultural and political factors that shape our understanding of these rights, and the potential limitations and policy recommendations for these rights. This work will help advance our understanding of rights and liberties’ role in shaping our society and democracy.

Communications and Marketing

Interns will help craft materials for integrated marketing campaigns. Creative tasks could include copywriting, graphic design, photography, and audio/visual editing. Other activities may include creating and monitoring Google Ads. Interns will analyze data from social media, websites, and emails to evaluate marketing strategies. Other duties may include updating WordPress sites and conducting market research.

Development and Fundraising

Interns will assist in research and writing duties intended to secure philanthropic support for Sunwater Institute. Research and analysis emphasize identifying public and private grant opportunities around Sunwater’s overall mission and core focus topics. Writing responsibilities include creative copywriting and designing public-facing outreach materials to support fundraising efforts at various donor levels.

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